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Welcome to the web home of SigmaTech®  Software.

Our software is marketed under the shareware concept of try before buy. This concept gives you an opportunity to try all of a program's features for suitability prior to purchase. These titles are available for your consideration:

fKey Keyboard Template Designer for Windows ®
fKey Template Designer for Windows Updated! New Version 2.10

Rated 5 Stars by File Transit

Rated 5 Diamonds by

Program keyboard templates at one time were included with most programs. When software companies initiated production cost reductions, these keyboard templates were the first accessories to go. Think of the time spent looking up shortcut key and function key combinations in the program user manual. Now you can have this great time saving device back! In just one short session with our program, the fKey Template Designer, all those keyboard combinations can be printed on a template that fits your keyboard and makes your time useage more efficient. No more of those time consuming lookups in the program manual for the key combinations because you haven't used a certain program in some time.

This tool is used to design and print keyboard templates for any program showing the function and shortcut key combinations. Keyboard template information is entered in a conventional grid design or with the aid of the Design Wizard. Then the finished keyboard template may be printed to match any function key layout for any keyboard currently manufactured.

Corporate site licenses available.

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SELECTROCUTION®     Just Released!
A Game of Hi-Tech Flirtation for the Selective Single! The great singles matching game played in the 70's and early 80's. This version is a complete update and rewrite for the Windows® operating system based upon the original Commodore 64 game format. Contact us for details on how to obtain an Evaluation Copy of the program.
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File_ID Constructor     Free Download
File_ID Constructor ~ Free A small utility to assist the shareware developer format and write the file_id.diz file required by many software upload sites. Use it with the compliments of SigmaTech Software. Just drop a line that you have it as required in the EULA.
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File TimeStamper for Developers
A utility to assist the shareware developer time stamp development and setup files. This program will either use the system time for the stamp or a time stamp format and date entered by the developer. Just drop a line that you have it as required in the EULA.
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Games & Things     Free Download
Download Games & Things
Some classic games and mind stumpers. Let the computer amaze and astound you and your friends when you play. Great games to while away the time.
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