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File_ID Constructor
Shareware Developers

File_ID Constructor
A Program For The Shareware Developer
 File_ID Constructor at a glance.
Version 1.10
Download .3 Kb
Cost: Free
OS: Win95,9x,Me,
Cat: file_id.diz
PADGen Info File:  ASP PADGen Free Program Information File
  A small utility to help the shareware developer write a File_ID.diz file. This file is required by some software vendors when uploading your programs.
This is a shot of the main screen. It shows the subject line and a snapshot of the file as you are building it. File_ID Constructor Main Screen
The second tab contains the edit boxes for entering lines 2 through 10.

For those not familiar with a File_ID.diz construction, each line may only contain 45 characters with the 1st line (or subject line) constructed to a specific format. This program will do all the formatting for you automatically.

Download your copy. (The self-extracting zip file is approximately 260 Kb)

All we ask is that if you use it, you send us a completed Registration Request Form, no dollars; just a few minutes of your time. Comments would also be welcomed and appreciated.

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