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SigmaTech Software's
Our Founder ~ Fred Clabuesch   Fred Clabuesch

SigmaTech Software was founded in 1991 by Fred Clabuesch. Fred retired from the US Air Force in 1991 after 28+ years of active and Air National Guard (ANG) duty. During his Air Force career he was exposed to many challenging situations where his computer knowledge was required to solve complex problems.

Upon leaving the ANG, he signed a contract with the Department of State (DoS), Facilities Maintenance Branch. Duties included travel to our Embassies to assess their level of real property maintenance, install, setup maintenance scheduling and tracking software, develop a scheduled maintenance program, install the resulting database and train local national employees in the software use and maintenance. This assignment lasted three plus years and took him to many of the world's countries.

His computer experience began with exposed to the UNIVAC main frames used by the US Air Force. Then IBM PC's became popular in the early eighties and the US Air Force migrated their computer programs to this platform. During this time the ANG purchased a few UNIX based machines for each Civil Engineering office to use for the backbone of an intra-office network. The DoS used a main frame running the Wang Operating System (OS) and the Facilities Branch software was compiled in COBAL. Fred's personal work with computers started on a Timex Z80, then a Spectrum and finally a color Timex 6880. When Timex stopped supporting this computer, he purchased a Sanyo 550 which ran a 75% compatible IBM PC OS. During this period he marketed a program named SUPERTAX for the Sanyo. With the introduction of Lotus 123, which was not compatible with the Sanyo OS, this computer also lost support.

Because of the unique basic coding capabilities in the Sanyo BASIC software, he started looking for a computer system and software that could come close to duplicating these capabilities. He found exactly what he was looking for with the ATARI ST and a german basic software package named GfA-BASIC. He developed utility and game software for the ATARI ST until this system stopped being produced in the early nineties. About this time Microsoft started marketing Visual Basic and he purchased a PC system with Visual Basic v2.1 and started porting the ATARI ST programs over to the PC OS with Visual Basic. Presently he is developing with Visual Studio 6.0 service pack 5.

When his contract with DoS was completed, he started devoting full time to SigmaTech Software and produced a number of small utility program and games. He can now be found writing code, promoting SigmaTech Software and the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). He travels, spends winters in California, summers in Michigan, reads and tries to keep up when the changing computer technology environment via the internet.

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