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Games & Things
 Games & Things at a glance.
Version 2.00
Download: 6.2 Mb
Cost: Free
OS: Win 98x, Me,
NT4, w2K, XP
Cat: games, battleship, maxit!, deCodeIt, Card Shark II, Physic Computer, Magic Square
PADGen Info File:  ASP PADGen Free Program Information File

A program where you think of a number between 1 and 63. Then the Psychic Computer flashes some groups of numbers on the screen and you indicate if your number is in the displayed group. After these groups are displayed a few times, the Psychic Computer returns the number you were thinking about.

Your Physic Computer
The Magic Square Enter a number, any number (positive or negative), any value and the Magic Square displays a sixteen square grid where all combinations (diagonal, vertical, horizontal, and four corner of each internal rectangle or square) add up to your number. Must be seen to be believed.
The Card Shark II displays ten groups of two cards and requests that you remember the cards in one of the groups. Then go to the next screen and tell the computer which of the four rows each of the cards appears in. From this information, the computer can tell you which two cards were in the group you selected.
This is the classic game of Battleship. It may be played by one person against the computer or by two individuals against each other. If you play against the computer, the program asks you to place your ships where desired. If two individuals play against each other, the computer places the ships for both individuals, so there is no cheating.
DeCode It! is a classic code cracking game. The computer selects four colored marbles and hides them at the top right of the game board. You put colored marbles in the white circles and then press the results button. Based on how your code (marbles) matched the the computer master code, black or white pegs are placed by the row. A black peg indicated that your colored marble is a full match of the computer's marble. Correct color and position. A white peg indicates that you have a correctly colored marble but it is in the wrong column (position). A peg position doesn't necessarily match a marble position. When you have four black pegs, you've broken the code. This version of the program contains four skill levels, Basic, Professional and Advanced. The Basic version is a four object code. The Professional version is a five object code and the Advanced version contains a code of six colored objects.
MaxIt! is an old number game originally written for the PEP computer. You get the numbers in the rows and the computer or your opponent gets the numbers in the colunms. His choices are based on your selection and your next selection is based on his last selection. The one with the highest score when the last possible select is made wins the game or round.
Click here to download your free copy of the Games and Things program file.

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