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SigmaTech® Software
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since 1996.

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Links To Some Of Our Favorite Sites
WinZip 8.1    Follow this link to download a copy of the WinZip unzipping utility.
Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.1    Download this utility to read and print .pdf documents. This is the format now used by many programs for their manuals and other printed instructions.
Lincoln Beach Software    Home of the "Just" programs. Just Buttons, Just NavBars, Just Screenshots, Just Tabs, Just Relaxing and Just Watching.
Emmasoft Software    Home of the "Darn!" programs. Darn! Don't Forget, Darn! Passwords! and Darn! Setup.
Cottonwood Software    Cottonwood Software. Home of the File-Ex "Windows® File Open /Save/Save As" replacement dialog and the newly released Campsite Manager program.
Thornsoft Development    ClipMate has powerful tools enabling users to retrieve, append, print, reformat, and edit data. An exclusive PowerPaste(TM) feature puts ClipMate in "rapid fire" mode, allowing quick pasting of a series of items into an application.
Just Great Software has the following program available for trial. HelpScribble, DeplotMaster, EditPad and PowerGrep.

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