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SigmaTech® Software
has had a web presents
since 1996.

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PADGen is a free program provided by the Association of Shareware Professionals
Portable Application Description (PAD) Files
for SigmaTech Software Products

What is PAD?
A PAD file is an XML based open format file to describe downloadable applications. It is my perferred method for submitting information about my software to download sites. If you maintain a software catalog, such as a download site, and want to include my software, please use the PAD files listed below. To keep the contents on your site current, please poll these files on a regular frequently.

The PAD format is published and supported by the Assiciation of Shareware Professionals (ASP) with the aim to make the lives of developers and webmasters easier. It is available free of charge to everyone. By using the PAD system, developers save time by having to create a description file of their software packages only one time. This description file can then be uploaded quickly to all software download sites that support the PAD specification. Webmasters can process these PAD files and extract the information appropriate to their site. They can keep the contents of their site current by polling PAD files on the web sites of the authors of the software they list.

The ASP has just released a PAD support package for webmasters that want to manage a download site. This package is named PADKit and maybe downloaded free at PADKit Support Package. This is a software package that includes the required source code and walks a webmaster through the steps necessary to build a PAD enabled software download site.

Grab the SigmaTech Software PAD Files

SigmaTech Software PAD Files:

You can even take things one step further by polling our master PAD file. This file is a plain text file that lists the full URLs to all our PAD files. By polling this file regularly, your automated system can automatically discover any new software packages available from SigmaTech Software and process their PAD files.

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Any reproduction or reuse of these pages or their contents requires advanced permission.

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